Double Barrel Arch
Turn north from US 89A onto House Rock Rd (BLM Road 1065) (dirt) for about 8 miles. About a quarter mile north of the West Branch Pueblo turnoff, the Arch can be seen off to the east. As you drive a little further north from this turnoff, you'll notice a totem- pole spire on the south end of a slickrock island. The Arch is on the island with the totem pole, about a mile from the road. Park opposite the Arch- there's a wide spot off the west side of the road. This will be the trailhead, even though there is no real trail to the Arch. The trailhead is at UTM 12S 405173E 4079264N (WGS84). Wade the sage to the Arch located at UTM 12S406435E 4079362N. To see the GPS track for this hike of about 2.5 miles round trip, go to: The Wilderness Vagabond - Double Barrel.

    Photo and Directions
    by Rob Jones

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