Druid Arch
Druid Arch is in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. This arch and Angel Arch are the two big arches in the Park. From Moab, drive south on 191 to Church Rock and turn right at the marked road into the Needles District. This is a very scenic drive on a paved road. Stop at the Visitor's Center for a back-country permit and information. Continue on the same road to Elephant Hill and park. It is about five and a half miles down Elephant Canyon from the marked trailhead to the arch. Somewhere near the end of the trail, it climbs out of the creek bed and continues on a higher level. There is a small sign directing the trail out of the creek bed, but it is small and easy to miss. A somewhat shorter hike to the arch requires a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Inquire at the Visitor's Center for details of this route.
The opening has a height of 85 ft. and a span of 20 ft.
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