Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness Including Rattlesnake Canyon and Colorado National Monument

    This huge area near Grand Junction, Colorado, is the major portion of the even larger Colorado Canyons National Conservation Area. Colorado National Monument is adjacent to, but not part of, the Wilderness Area. Rattlesnake Canyon is located within the Wilderness Area and is said to contain the second-largest concentration of natural arches in the U.S. There are also many arches to be found in the Wilderness Area outside of the Rattlesnake Canyon area. There are three routes to access Rattlesnake Canyon: the Upper Trailhead, Pollock Bench, and the Colorado River. The Upper Trailhead is the actual beginning of the 3 mile long hiking loop on which most of the arches are found. It is accessed by the Upper Black Ridge Access Rd. This 13 mile long road is 2wd except for the last mile and a half which requires 4wd. The road is not navigable in wet weather and is open only from April 15 to August 15. To access the road, drive 11 miles from the north entrance station in Colorado N.M and turn right at the sign for the Glade Park Store. (Directions to some of the arches in this section start at the Glade Park Store). Drive 0.2 miles south and turn right onto the Access road. In about a half mile, turn left to stay on the Upper Access road. The hiking trail to the Mee Canyon Arches follows a closed 4wd trail starting at a junction 11 1/2 miles along the Upper Access road.
    Pollock Bench is a hiking trail whose trailhead is in the Horsethief Canyon SWA near Fruita (see a local map). This is a 5 to 6 mile long trail which leads to the Rattlesnake Canyon loop trail.
    The trail from the Colorado River is a rough, poorly-marked trail and is not recommended.
    Trails Illustrated/National Geographic Map “Colorado National Monument McInnis Canyons NCA” No. 208 shows many of the trails and routes to arches in this section.

Akiti Rainbow Trail Hole in the
and Un-named
Hole in the
Overhanging Eye Trap Tublok Right Arch
of Twin
Bull's Head Will Minor Windows of
Pollock Canyon
Perseverance Squaw Finger Ute Canyon
No Thoroughfare
Canyon Arch
Square Tower
View Arch
Arete Arch(1) Arete Arch(2) John Arch Bulwark Arch
Bench Trail O'Pinion Jonathan Jones
Black Hole Arch(1) Black Hole Arch(2)
Rimrock Arch Lonesome
West Pollock
Canyon Arch
Miracle Rock Protractor Arch
Door Ajar
Arch One
Arch Two
Fin Arch
Arch in Lower
No Thoroughfare
Battleship Rock
Overall View
Battleship Rock
Triple Arch
Crown Double
West Rim
West Rim Arch
for Scale
Two Feathers

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