Norwich Connecticut POW-MIA Memorial

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This page is dedicated to all Norwich, Occum, and Taftville, Connecticut veterans, past, present, and future. This photo was taken on my
recent trip to my home state. I am originally from Willimantic, CT and my wife from Norwich, CT.

See more photos from the memorial.

Norwich CT Vietnam Memorial

Norwich, Taftville, and Occum Connecticut Vietnam veterans killed in action. All were returned home.
Name on Norwich Vietnam Memorial indicated by an asterisk (*).

Panel and Row listing on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Robert CooleyPanel 10W Row 123  (Norwich) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Francis DonohuePanel 15E Row127  (Norwich) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Thomas DonovanPanel 45E Row 62  (Norwich) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, James GreenePanel 35E Row 71  (Taftville) *Visit a Virtual Wall Memorial

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Joseph GrilloPanel 60W Row 9  (Norwich) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Robert HowardPanel 22W Row 13  (Norwich) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, William MarcyPanel 24W Row 60  (Norwich) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, James McNeelyPanel 03E Row 116  (Norwich) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Harold NielsenPanel 23E Row 103  (Norwich) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Robert PendergastPanel 11W Row 1  (Norwich) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Franklin RenshawPanel 11E Row 58  (Occum) *

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Aaron RosenstreichPanel 25W Row 54 (Norwich)

Virtual Wall Rubbing, Alton SebastianPanel 37E Row 43 (Norwich)

Virtual Wall Rubbing, David VautourPanel 25E Row 3  (Norwich) *

"Electronic Rubbing" courtesy of The VVMF--The Virtual Wall

A Soldier's Prayer

Operation Just Cause Image

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