Updated September 28th, 2014
This is the story of the Brossman/Brosman/Bressman family in America from 1739 to the present. These are all descendants of Nicholas Brossman of Germany and Frantz and Johannes Brossman of Berks County, Pennsylvania.   You also might like to look at the picture book or the Brossman Timeline in America.  You will also find a Brossman Coat of Arms supplied by Ken Brossman of  Limon CO.  I can not vouch for the accuracy but it is included here.

For a complete list of all information, please download the GEDCOM file or even the Brossman Book if you are unable to use a GEDCOM file.  The books contain all the information  for the Descendants of Nicholas Brossman and are now available in two formats, either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.  Either file is about 200 pages.  The Gedcom file also contains the ancestors of Mae Ester Knarr back to the early 1700 in America.
Please note that individual notes come from a variety of sources including Schuyler C. Brossman and the Drummond collection.  Any notes written by me will be prefaced with "JWB notes".
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James W. Brossman Jr.
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Brossman Story
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