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No. 17, rounding the Little 10 curve on 11/07/1981, as seen from the side passage on our dome car.
Westbound between Clay and Coal Creek sometime in early 1982. I wish I'd kept better records back then!
No. 17 Westbound at Plainview, early 1982 (Dan Adams Photo).
RGZ Power -climbing towards Tunnel 1. (Confession: this is actually the Ski Train in March 1984. But one year prior to this shot, the RGZ's head end would have looked exactly like this.)
East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel, from inside a dome. (11/07/1981)
In Byers Canyon (8/14/1982).
Gore Canyon on an overcast day (11/07/1981).
Gore Canyon on a clear, sunny day (8/14/1982).
Train No. 18 arriving at Glenwood Springs station. (11/08/1981)
Approaching Coal Creek, taken from the vestibule of SILVER SKY. (8/14/1982)
SILVER BRONCO crossing the Coal Creek Canyon bridge. (Jan/Feb? 1983)
Rio Grande business car WILSON McCARTHY on the tail end of the RGZ, pulling out of Glenwood Springs on 11/7/1981.  This car was a frequent guest on the train.
No. 17 at Coal Creek, approaching the bridge over Colo. 72 in early 1983.
Inside SILVER BANQUET (8/14/1982).   (Honest, we really were having a good time!)
Overview of the train, on April 24, 1983, lined up at Grand Junction.  This is the last eastbound run.  Woody Woodward photo
In Retirement, SILVER BRONCO is seen at the Burnham shops in Denver, May 1984-- slightly more than a year after the last run of the RGZ.


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