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Special Runs

The Ski Train dtdn't just run during the snowy season. It has been used for a variety of special event runs, including trips to the Winter Park Jazz Festival, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, and in movies and commercials. In the Nineties it made trips to Glenwood Springs and even as far away as California.

Starting in 1999, Ansco began running summer excursions to Winter Park, usually between four and six trips in the season. The Winter Park resort usually put on a special barbecue, and had a number of summertime activities available for patrons. Mountain bikers were lured to the train by the addition of a special car converted for carrying bicycles (no extra charge). It was a novel experience to step off the train at Winter Park and see fields of wildflowers where snow usually lay several feet deep. In August 1999 my kids were picking strawberries on the ski slopes!

Views of the Summer Ski Train

An Unscheduled Stop at Rocky Flats. (8/14/99)

Looking Back at Tunnel 1 from the front end (8/14/99). Compare to a wintertime scene in the same place.

South Boulder Creek, in the canyon between Pinecliffe and Rollinsville (8/14/99).

Unloading Bikes at Winter Park (8/14/99).

Getting Off the Train at Winter Park (8/14/99).

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