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Thank you visiting my website of free Christian meditations and devotions!

I am dedicated to a focus on Christ and sharing God's Word world-wide.

Here are a few free meditation and devotional items I am offering:

Christo-Meditation and Christo-Meditation with music
A free MP3 meditation (either with or without music) that focuses on Christ.

Paradigm Shift

Or a shift within churches from a focus on Christ to a focus on people, programs and prosperity.

Churches in the bondage of sin and the need for reformation.

Is the Lutheran church Lutheran?

Welcome to the Ministry
A story of the "contemporary" church in action.

Focus on Jesus
Helpful Scripture verses that focus on Jesus.

Love and Holiness
Just as it is important to have a proper distinction between Law and Gospel,
an important focus on Christ is having a proper distinction between Love and Holiness.

What is it?

Here are a couple of other sample publications I haven't written, but edited:
CLP and Tips for Success

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