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Tip Version: 02.3

Revised: 09 May 2001

Generations Versions: 5.2 and above

The newer Generations software (v5.2 and above) does not support Postscript fonts via the Adobe Type Manager.

The comment about this in the Readme file is somewhat misleading. The older v4.2 software doesn't DIRECTLY support Postscript fonts either, but it does allow you to use them with the ATM program. That no longer happens with the new software. This applies to both Easytree and Easychart.

It's been a while since I read up on the details of how ATM operates, but I assume that the change in behavior is a result of how the new version checks on the TrueType fonts. ATM substitutes it's own version of system.drv which intercepts the calls for fonts and lets the ATM program handle those requests. Obviously the new version bypasses system.drv in it's request for fonts, so one cannot access Postscript fonts. This is not that big a deal for EasyTree, but I used a number of Postscript fonts in my EasyChart plots. So it is a feature I have suggested be restored in future upgrades.

The workaround for this is to install the Truetype versions of the Postscript fonts you wish to use. This is generally only a minor inconvenience and the disk space used is small.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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