Using pictures with web output

Tip Version: 03.3

Revision date: 09 May 2001

Generations versions: 5.2 and above

The newer Generations software allows you to easily create html output for various styles of reports. Pictures are easily included, just make sure that the "Picture" box is checked on the format for the web-based report. This will cause the "preferred" picture for an individual to be included.

Note that only the preferred picture for an individual is included (two for a couple on a family group sheet plus one per child). With the current software you will have to add additional pictures with an external html editor.

You will have to experiment with your image files before you get a satisfactory appearance. The program will automatically scale these image files when you print a family group sheet from EasyTree to your printer (and give a quite nice looking printout), but the same scaling does not occur when you produce web output. There are too many different variables on how people arrange their web pages to come up with an easy solution to this formatting. If your original image linked into the family file is too large you can end up with a photo dominating the page and a very skinny column of text along the left-hand side of it. So you will need to experiment with the size and dots per inch (dpi) settings for you images until you get something that you are happy with. Make a note of that and use it in the future.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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