Moving data between fields - how to between facts and events

Tip version: 05.4

Revision date: 09 May 2001

Software versions: 5.2 and above

The Generations software (v5.2 and above) offers useful and powerful utility functions for moving data between fields, but you can occasionally run into a "gotcha" which requires manual intervention.

You may move data from "facts" to "facts" (no dates in it) or "events" to "events" (dates in it), but you can't move data from "facts" to "events", as the program would not know where the date information was in the fact you started with.

{Move fields}

An example where the eye color fact data would be moved to hair color.

I discovered that I had some of my Generations Deluxe (v 4.2) family files where I had not made good choices in my "custom fact" and "custom event" choices, having flipped facts for events. This meant that I could not use the editing utilities directly to move the data.

But this was a large data file where only a few individuals had information in this custom field that I now wanted to move to one of the standard events.

Use the "Search for Empty Fields" as described on page 166 of the manual. That is, pick the field you want to search, set condition to "Is", and leave the value field as blank. Then run the find and mark the individuals in the resulting list. Then you can jump to those individuals and do a manual cut-and-paste from the old field to the one you want to use. After you've done all of your editing you can then use the Move/Delete Fields function to get rid of the old one. You may also use the results of the search to "mark" the person cards which will require editing and do this at a later time.

{Empty search example}

An example "empty" search, looking for individuals with no data in the hair color field

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