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Tip version: 06.3

Revision date: 09 May 2001

Generations version: 5.2 and above

Note: this is most relevant for Easychart but the procedure applies to Easytree as well.

Sometimes you want to use a custom paper size or there is a newly introduced paper size which isn't included as a selection in your printer driver (or the paper could be for another brand).

As an example, I have an Epson Stylus Color 800 printer. Epson recently introduced their "Panoramic Photo Paper" aimed at prints for panoramic photographs. But it clearly can be used for genealogical charts as well. It is 8.3" x 23.4" (210mm x 594 mm in the civilized world).

Go to Page Setup and select "User Defined" paper sizes. In many programs this would then put you into the paper size definition section of your printer driver, but that's not the case here.

So go to the "Printer" selection within Page Setup.

Then go to "Paper" (in my Epson case) or the equivalent.

Select "User Defined" which will then open up the "Printer" dialog where you can enter the custom sizes. Then work your way backwards, using the "Apply" selections as appropriate. You will then see that Easychart is now using your custom paper size.

I had originally stated (in the first version of this tip) that you could set the paper size from the Printer settings outside these programs. You can, but it will not apply to Easychart, you must set the paper size from within the printer dialog in Easychart.. The program does not pickup the external "custom size" dimension settings. This observation came via a rather pricey wasted page of the Epson panoramic paper.

Note for PDF output: Changing to a custom paper size is very useful if you are producing a chart with the Adobe PDF file format as the ultimate destination. You should have a PDF printer or a Postscript printer installed on your computer. Determine what will be the size of the chart and use the custom paper size route to make the dimensions slightly larger than the chart. The resulting PDF file (either produced directly or from conversion of a Postscript file) will have the entire chart on one page.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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