Opening Easychart v4.2 charts in later versions

Revision date: 08 May 2001

Tip version: 07.3

Generations version: 5.2 and above

A question posted to the Generations Discussion email list. "Can charts from Generations Deluxe (v4.2) be opened in Generations software (v5.2+)?" This should also apply to Reunion for Windows v4 charts, but see below.

Short answer - yes.

Somewhat longer answer. There are some minor complications:

1) It appears that v5.2+ will not read the paper orientation saved with the v4.2 charts, so they will initially open with whatever you have as your default orientation. Just change this as you want and save the edited chart.

2) V5.2+ doesn't support Postcript fonts through Adobe Type Manager (ATM), so if you have used any of those on your chart they will be replaced with your default font selection instead. This will change the appearance of your chart. A workaround for this is to install TrueType versions of the relevant Postscript fonts.

Note: One user reported on the Sierra Genealogy message board that he received an error message "invalid chart format" when attempting to open a Reunion for Windows v4 chart. This user sent the chart to me and it may in fact be from an earlier version of Reunion for Windows, for when I opened and examined it in Generations Deluxe (v4.2), then closed it, the program asked me if I wished to save the changed file. I had not done anything at all to the file, so this presumably means that there was a file format change.

The converted version of this file could be opened with Easychart v5.2 and above but there were two problems immediately apparent. Some captions had incorrect font size selections and the color fill on the boxes was not preserved. Re-opening the chart in the v4.2 software led to the discovery that some of the font size settings were at 0 (yes, zero) points, an obvious error.

I am investigating further the issue of the box fill colors.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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