Setting default fields, etc.

Tip version: 09.2

Revision date: 11 May 2001

Software versions: 5.2 and above

This question came up in the mailing list - How do you set the defaults so that custom fields and facts show up for all individuals.

Go to Options in the menu bar.

Use the Define selection and it's subsections to set up the new events, facts, and notes.

Then go to the Default selection and use it to select which events, facts, and notes you want to appear in the (once again) events, facts, and notes screens for all individuals. You can move the items around with your mouse to put them in the order you prefer.

NOTE: the order you use here will determine the order they are used in the various reports which include these items.

HINT - The online help in the new version is greatly improved over the old version, and contains virtually everything in the manual. You will no longer find the very annoying "see manual page xx-yy" messages of the help in the previous versions.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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