Include some system and software info in problem reports

Tip version: 12.2

Revision date: 13 May 2001

Software versions: All

When we were beta testing Generations, the Sierra team asked us to include a system description similar to the following with all problem reports.

It doesn't take up space but it might help clarify some problems. Please include the version of the Generations software you are using, including any patches you have applied. The operating system version should be mentioned, how much memory (RAM) is installed, and details which may relate to your particular situation. One such would be the make and model of the printer you are using if it is a printing related problem, and the printer driver version you have installed.

There is a very useful free utility program available which will compile a profile of the hardware and software which you have installed on your computer. This is the Belarc Advisor program available at The reports which it generates may be saved and emailed to someone who is assisting your with solving your problem (such as the moderators of the Generations Discussion email list or the Sierra Genealogy message board).

Thanks, Mike Hobart

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