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Revision date: 13 May 2001

Many of us have a considerable number of source citations with detail in the existing Notes fields (from the v4.2 software) which we wish to distribute to the new Detail fields of source citations.

Generations v5.2+ uses the Windows Clipboard for cut and paste operations and using the basic clipboard's capabilities could prove to be rather tedious.

There are a number of clipboard substitution and enhancement utilities available on the web. Check out the utilities or text utilities sections of the major web software download sites. Some of these sites also offer "mini-reviews" of the utilities which help you to pick what best suits your particular needs. These utilities generally allow you to have multiple entries stored on the clipboard instead of only one. This can greatly aid your task of rearranging the source detail citations and other similar tasks. I am not in the position to offer any sort of comprehensive review of the various commercial, shareware, and freeware utilities which are available. I have used a couple of them and can offer some comments on these.

Clipmate, by Thornsoft. This offers all sorts of "bells and whistles." It is shareware (try before you buy). It is widely available on the net and a number of sites offer reviews of it in addition to the file for download.

Clipomatic, by Mike Lin. This is a leaner utility yet still offers the functions that are needed with Generations. It is freeware but has less visibility on the web. It is available from his web page at

One feature to check is how well a particular utility handles extended characters which may be present in names or sources.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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