Finding anomalous date-related data

Tip version: 16.2

Revision date: 13 May 2001

Software version: v5.2 and above

The Generations software v5.2 and above offers a very useful and very configurable date feasibility checking feature. This feature is mainly used as one is entering data for an individual or a family, but it may be used to check dates at any time during the use of the software.

The types of data checked for date feasibility and the values used in the check are set from the Options menu, Dates item. Click on the Date Feasibility tab and select the events and adjust the values as you wish.

Date feasibility options window

Date feasibility options window

A user wondered how she could find out which person in her database had their first child at age 104. The "statistics" report had showed this anomaly. It is possible to get this information out but the manual doesn't make it obvious how to do it.

You can generate a list showing the people who have date-related data which doesn't fit the criteria you set under the "Date Feasibility" options. This is a list report of those who don't fit the criteria, not an indexed name list, so you can't have the program mark these individuals for you. [Or at least I haven't figured out how to do that yet.] Go to the "Options" menu, select "Dates," then pick the "Feasibility Checking" screen. Select which checks you want to perform and what age values you want to use if you are running any of the tests with adjustable ages. Press the "Report" button, which will then let you choose where you want the output to end up. The resulting list will have the names of the individuals who fail your feasibility criteria.

Note: If you have a large database, I suggest that you do not run this with all the date feasibility features turned on. You will very likely end up with a list that is huge, as you will probably have many people in your database where you don't have complete information. Of course, if you do want to see all of this, go right ahead...

The user's example mentioned above, would be run with only the "Child born after age __" check enabled.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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