Uncompress your .RB1 files before you remove Generations Deluxe/Reunion for Windows

Tip version: 18.2

Revision date: 13 May 2001

Versions: 5.2 and above, see the Caution if you have v7-8.5

Several people have run into problems on this point. Reunion for Windows and the Generations v4.2 software has a special backup file format with an ".rb1" file extension. This serves to collect the various files (generally 7-9 files) used by these software versions as parts of the total family file. The combined file is then compressed to save space on the drive.

The upgrade option in the v5.2 and above software will not uncompress or upgrade these backup files.

You have to do the upgrade on the uncompressed family files! So either uncompress them before you install Generations v5.2+ or leave Reunion for Windows or Generations v4.2 on your computer. The old software version does not take up much space and does not conflict with the new version.

Once you have the uncompressed family files you just follow the upgrade instructions in the manual. One simply presses the Upgrade button in Easytree after selecting Open from the File menu.

Open-upgrade window

Note the Upgrade button in the lower right corner.

Note: Some people have tried to solve the problem by changing the file extension (.rb1). Changing a file extension does not change the contents and structure of the file! Renaming your old backup file (whatever.rb1) to a new family file name (whatever.uds) does not mean that the file structure has been changed from the Reunion Backup format to the new family file format.

Caution: If you make extensive use of source citation links in text fields (facts or notes) you may have some problems if you have Generations v7-v8.5. The Generations v7 release (Millenium Edition) accidentally reintroduced a bug in the source link conversion process. Source links are upgraded correctly in all versions, but with these particular versions there is an additional replication of the source number in plain text after the source link itself. One simply edits these fields to remove the extra text number.

Upgrade with the source citation bug

Upgraded file showing the source citation link bug

Upgraded file without source citation link bug

Upgraded file without the source citation link bug

Users may contact me for assistance in converting the family file using the Generations v6 release if there are a sufficient number of source links in the text fields that the resulting editing job is inconvenient. Email address: mhobart@worldnet.att.net

Regards, Mike Hobart

Copyright © 1999-2001 Michael A. Hobart, commercial reuse restricted.

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