Marking spouses for gedcom export, etc.

Tip version: 22.2

Revision date: 13 May 2001

Software versions: 5.2 and avoe

Generations software (v5.2 and above) has changed the the marking behavior when it comes to "Marking Descendants" compared to the way Reunion for Windows and Generations (v4.2) behaved.

Previously if you chose to mark a couple's descendants, it marked the family cards, meaning that both the descendant and the spouse were marked. The new version only marks the literal descendant of the couple, so the spouse does not get marked. This is an inconvenience when preparing marked sets for gedcom export and other purposes.

It is easy enough to go to the definitions of reports and charts and to check off that the spouse information should be included in those. But there is not a similar function for gedcom export.

The workaround for this is to first mark the core of the group you want, such as the descendants of a couple.

Then go to "Find Anything" and select the "Couples" tab.

Set the search terms as "# marked spouses" as "more than" and "0" (the number zero).

Marked Spouses preset

Marked Spouse search, saved as a preset search

Presets: I have saved this condition as a preset, naming it "Marked Spouses". It will then show up in your list of presets. The search will then give you a list with all of the people whose spouse is marked. You can then use the "Mark everyone on list" button in the lower left corner.

Note: do not clear the people who are marked in the family file when you mark this list, or you will have lost your "core" group. The marked set is then suitable for gedcom or other export using the "Marked people only" option. There is currently no method to select the parents of the spouse for the gedcom export.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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