You CAN add multiple Residence (or other) events

Tip version: 24.2

Modified date: 13 May 2001

Software version: 5.2 and above

From time to time people ask how they can add information about their ancestor's residences to the family card.

This can appear to be a problem as our ancestors moved around, just as we do today, so one would want to make multiple data entries. The Residence event (RESI gedcom tag) is already defined in the list of events.

If you want to have it show up on the family card view just go to the Options, Define, Views dialog, and make the changes you want.

Define views with residence event

Define views field with the residence event added

Follow the similar procedure under Options, Define, Person (or Family) Fields if you want to see that event show up on the data entry screen.

Define person fields with residence

Define person fields screen with residence event added

These options are discussed in Generations Tip - Setting default fields, etc. [Tip 09] You will see a field on your data entry screen (if you added it above) where you can enter in the date of the event and the place (residence). You will get the standard dialog box if you enter a date in a non-standard format, such as 1861/1868, something which one might commonly do if one were just writing it as text. Deal with this however you want, understanding that non-standard date formats may not transfer properly in gedcom files.

You can then make another Residence entry for the next date and place, and so on. They will all be entered into the family file, and all Residence data will be exported via gedcom if you have that field checked in the gedcom export dialog. The Residence information will show up in the various reports and charts if you check the box in the Define Layouts dialog. The data will appear in the same order as it appears in your data entry screen.

Note: If you decide to add extra events to your family card view in order to see, say, the first two Residence events, you will instead see the first Residence event displayed twice! You would have to have the additional Residence events defined with different names and included in the view under those different names in order to see them. That could cause some complications in other areas. You can have multiple events (say Residence and Residence2) both use the RESI gedcom code, but the receiving program would then enter them as two Residence events. You can use additional user-defined gedcom codes, such as RES2 for the second Residence, but user-defined codes are one of the areas where gedcom exchange between programs has the most difficulties.

It seems simpler to me to just use the existing Residence event and live with the fact that only the first (top-most) entry will be visible on the Family Card View if you choose to display it. This route also means that you only have to check the Residence box in the layouts to include that information (instead of all of the new user-defined events you have added). This procedure can also be used for other events where you wish to have multiple entries.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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