Problem with Gedcom export of divorces, with a workaround

Tip version: 25.2

Revision date: 13 May 2001

Software version: 5.2 and above

There is a problem with the gedcom export of divorce information if no data is entered for the divorce. If there is no date but only the "status" of a divorce, then the divorce event is not included in the export. (This bug has been reported to Sierra).

The solution is simple, merely include some sort of date in the event field for the divorce. This may be as simple as a date "after" a certain point, or even as simple as a "?" when you don't know the date or location of the divorce. The divorce and that information then gets exported.

Regards, Mike Hobart

Copyright © 1999-2001 Michael A. Hobart, commercial reuse restricted.

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