Varying CD drive letter assignments

Revision date: 08 May 2001

Tip Version 28.3

Generations Versions: 5.2 and above

A bit of explanation first. Someone contacted me and asked why the Generations Grande Suite program could not access the CD-ROM drive when the drive letter had changed.

This circumstance can arise if one is, say, working on a laptop with an external CD-ROM drive on an SCSI connection (as I normally operate) and the number and type of external drives attached to the computer varies. One might have a Jazz or Zip drive attached, or both, and also a CD-ROM drive. It might even be more complicated, my HP Omnibook 5000 has a built in SCSI controller and the Sony CD-Discman I bought has it's own PCMCIA SCSI controller. So the drive letter that is assigned to the CD varies with configuration. Many programs will open up a browser box if they can't find the CD where they expect it, but that is not the case with the Generations software.

Fixing the problem for the Generations software:

Edit the Sierra.ini file in your Windows or WinNT folder, you may use Notepad or some other text editor.

Scroll down to the [GenX] section. Note that the title of the section [X] will vary according to which package you have installed, but it will be recognizable as starting with "Gen".

Change the CD paths to whatever drive you want it to read.

Save and Exit.

Fixing the problem for the Family Quest Digital Microfilm Viewer software:

Open the famqdm.ini file in the Family Quest Archives Digital Microfilm folder.

Change the drive letter assignment.

Save and Exit.

Just in case someone wants an alternate solution for the particular case I ran into (a CD drive attached to a PCMCIA controller), one can also go to the System mini-app under the Windows Control Panel. Select the Device Manager, then the SCSI controller. There is a settting where one may select the drive letter to be used by the CD. This is a rather particular fix, but will apply to a number of laptop users who use an external CD. Sarah Ford of Sierra provided the initial solution to this the Sierra.ini part of this Tip.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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