Family File location shortcuts

Tip version: 29.2

Modified date: 13 May 2001

Software version: v5.2 and above

Users often ask about how they may have their Generations family files in a directory other than the default chosen by the Generations software. This will default to the Sierra\GenX directory on your hard drive, where the X varies according to the particular software package you have installed.

There are several possible workarounds depending on your particular preferences.

1. Make a desktop shortcut directly to your family file. This bypasses the Generations graphical menu completely. The Easytree program will still be able to jump to the Easychart program and return without any problems.

2) Make a shortcut to the family file from your preferred location and move the shortcut to the Sierra\GenXdirectory (as mentioned above) . Then just choose the shortcut from the Easytree "open family file" screen.

3) Make a shortcut to the directory where you have the family file(s) and put that shortcut in the Sierra\GenX directory (as noted above). Then open that shortcut to get into that directory (folder). This has an advantage if you have multiple family files in the folder.

4) Create a new entry in the Start Menu under Programs. Browse to the Easytree program (TreeX.exe; again, the number at the end of the "Tree" program will vary according to the version of the software you have installed) and select it, call it something like EasyTreeX (or whatever else you want). Then after it is made, under the "advanced" settings, right click on this menu item, go down to "Properties", and in the "Start in" setting put in the name of the folder you want the program to have as it's startup directory (in your case "C:\My Documents" or whatever drive letter and folder name you prefer - remember the quotes if there are any spaces in the name).

Regards, Mike Hobart

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