You can run Date Feasibility Checks at any time

Tip version: 35.2

Modified date: 13 May 2001

Software versions: v5.2 and above

The Easytree program within Generations software will run date feasibility checks if you have that option enabled. The various ranges of ages allowed for given types of events may be changed by the user. Note that the defaults have a rather broad range and you may well want to narrow these for particular checks.

For example, the default age range for children is from 12 years old at the low end to 70 years old at the upper end. Obviously if you are checking the age range for women giving birth you would lower the upper limit to something more realistic for them. With the current version you do not have the option of setting different age limits for men and women.

The date feasibility check is normally done as you are manually entering data into the family file. You can run a check on your data file at any time by going to the Feasibility Checking tab under the Date card (under the Options menu). Press the "Report" button and tell the program where you want the report to be directed and the check will be performed.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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