Caption Bug in Left-to-Right Charts, with workaround

Tip version: 41.2

Modified date: 14 May 2001

Software versions: v5.2-8 (fixed in 8.5)

There is a bug in Easychart affecting captions added to Left-to-Right charts. Captions may be added, but a "box" around the caption will not be scaled properly (both the box border and the box fill will only be scaled for a caption of about one character in size).

Left-to-right caption incorrect

A section of a pedigree chart for President George Washington. Note the incorrect caption.

The workaround is rather straightforward, just change the chart orientation to Top-to-Bottom or to Waterfall. The box properties will be adjusted automatically, and the correct properties will be preserved once you return the chart orientation to Left-to-Right.

Left-to-right caption correct

Corrected caption after switching to top-to-bottom, then back to left-to-right

Note: - this means that you should add captions to Left-to-Right charts before adding graphics or doing any modifications to the box positions, etc. Switching back and forth between the different orientations will mess up the arrangements you have made with those features.

Regards, Mike Hobart

Copyright © 1999-2001 Michael A. Hobart, commercial reuse restricted.

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