Adjusting the Popup menus on lists

Tip version: 42.2

Modified date: 14 May 2001

Software version: v5.2-8 (fixed in 8.5)

The popup menus on list screens let you choose the data fields to use for the three columns of user-selectable data in the various lists. The data fields which you wish to use may not be visible on your screen. There are up and down "carats" at the top and bottom of the popup menus, which let you scroll up or down through the data list. Depending upon your screen resolution settings and the font sizes selected in your Options screen, these carats may not be visible when the List window opens in the default position.

Popup list showing carat

Bottom of the popup list showing the carat properly displayed

The solution is to use your mouse to drag the List window up or down until the carats are visible. Often this means you must drag the List window up somewhat from the default position. This bug has been corrected in the v8.5 release

Regards, Mike Hobart

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