Family Quest viewer program differences

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Modified date: 14 May 2001

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The Family Quest Digital Microfilm Viewer programs found on the data CDs of the various packages are different, but are installed with confusingly similar names.

1) The Digital Microfilm Viewer, "famqdm.exe" which is used to view the Digital Microfilm CDs (3 sample CDs of these in the Generations Grande Suite v6 package). These CDs do not have an index database on them.

2) The Digital Microfilm Reader, "HQviewer.exe" which is used to view the Census Index CDs. In addition to the digital images of these censuses there is an index database. CDs of this type include the 3 sample CDs of various city areas in the Millenium Edition and the complete 1800 census in the Generations Grande Suite v8 package.

3) The Family Archives program, "famquest.exe" which is used with the Heritage Quest database CDs. This program runs only under Windows 95/98, not under Windows NT 4 or Windows 2000.

The addition of an index database on the CD obviously requires a change in the viewer program, but it is not clear why this program could not have been made able to read and display the images on the unindexed Digital Microfilm CDs. The section of the programs dealing with the actual viewing of the digitized microfilm is similar.

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