Workaround for Easytree RTF files and QuarkExpress 4.04

Tip version: 49.1

Modified date: 14 May 2001

Software versions: v5.2 and above

It was reported that when one imported a Rich Text Format (RTF) file generated by Easytree into QuarkExpress 4.04, the import failed with an error message.

I did not have access to QuarkExpress so passed this report on to Sierra and to the beta testing group for Generations. Amber Burnett of Sierra confirmed that the Easytree RTF files were not imported into QuarkExpress 4.04 and provided the following workaround. Thanks Amber!

The error which appears is "The RTF reader encountered an error (error #534). (106)"

Open the particular RTF file in another application such as Microsoft Wordpad or Microsoft Word and to make any sort of simple change, such as adding an extra space. Then save the file. It will now import properly into QuarkExpress 4.04.

It may also be sufficient to simply do a "save as" from another application with a new file name. Plain text files produced by Easytree are imported by QuarkExpress 4.04 without any problems.

Further test results: Don Weymouth ran similar tests with the demo version of QuarkExpress 4.1 and found that the application crashed when attempting to import an RTF file from any source (not just Easytree).

Other desktop publishing applications: No problems have been observed importing Easytree RTF files into Serif PagePlus 4, Adobe Framemaker 5.5, or Adobe Pagemaker 6.52.

This problem is being investigated. The particular part of the RTF file causing this problem may not be immediately obvious. I've run a test where I created a family group sheet RTF file from Easytree. This particular file was 17,221 bytes in size. Opening the file, MAKING NO CHANGES AT ALL, and "saving as" another RTF file from Microsoft Wordpad yielded a file of 15,765 bytes. Doing the same thing with the same starting file, only using Microsoft Word 2000, resulted in a file of 18,260 bytes. Opening these files in another application showed no apparent visible differences. Thanks to Amber and Don for these test results.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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