Publishing on the Internet with Privacy

Tip version: 50.1

Modified date: 14 May 2001

Software versions: v8 and above

This is in response to Michael Hammerton's question about using privacy in web posts. What I used to do was to use GEDprivy (or GEDclean) and then publish with GEDpage. The GEDCOM export was never perfect because version prior to v8 of GGS has some issues with notes in GEDCOMs. This is now fixed in v8.

My process now, since I have decided not to even have ANY living people in my database on the Internet, is to create a Privacy Flag and perform a "Find Anything".

Choose people who were born after a certain date (I used 1910) who have not died.

I then mark all spouses of people with marked cards.

I then set the Privacy Flag on all marked cards. This was to set the Privacy Flag on all those I did not want out there.

Unmark all cards.

Now Mark all cards with Privacy Flag unchecked.

Now publish.

If you want to see my results, they are at

Regards, Don Weymouth

(Minor reformatting and editing by Mike Hobart)

Copyright © 2001 Donald Weymouth, commercial reuse restricted.

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