Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and Beginner's Edition v8

Tip version: 51.1

Modified date: 14 May 2001

Software versions: Generations Beginner's Edition v8 (fixed in the v8.5.1 patch)

Simon Cooke of Sierra has reported that there is a problem between Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.5 and the viewer program for the "Historic Profiles" in the Generations Beginner's Edition v8. The Sierra programmers provided a fix for this problem in the v8.5.1 patch for Generations Beginner's Edition v8.

If you have not installed that patch, there are two possible workarounds:

1) Don't install the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 upgrade unless you absolutely need it, or if you don't really use the Historic Profiles CD. Note that the Historic Profiles CD is only in the Generations Beginner's Edition v8 package. It is not part of the Generations Grande Suite v8 package.

2) If you HAVE installed IE5.5, do the following. To view the Historic Profiles text, open the Index.htm file on the CD (either at the top of the CD, or sometimes in a folder with the respective city name). To view the census index data, open the Historic Profiles application from the launch shell as normal, and click the Index toolbar button on the application.

Thanks to Simon for pointing out this problem and providing the two possible workarounds.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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