You must have at least one Note field

Tip version: 52.1

Modified date: 14 May 2001

Software versions: v5.2 and above

A user reported a problem in deleting a Note field and it was initially puzzling why that field for one individual in the family file could not be deleted while the same field for others could be deleted. The "Delete Note" box below the Note was grayed out.

There turned out to be a simple solution. There must be at least one Note field for an individual, so if you have only one Note field it will be impossible to delete. If you wish to delete a Note and it is the last Note field you have two options. Either you can delete all of the data within the Note field by clicking in it (from the Edit data screen), selecting all using the Windows control-A shortcut, then pressing the Delete key or using the Windows control-X shortcut. The other option is to add another note field, such as Research, then delete the Notes field in question. Note that an empty Note field is not included in any report or other output. I assume that the need for at least one Note field is a requirement for the internal structure of the family file. The last such field presumably acts as a "placekeeper" for the Note fields for that individual, at a minimum.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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