Preparing a graphic for a chart background

Tip version: 53.1

Modified date: 14 May 2001

Software versions: v5.2 and above

There is a bug in Easychart affecting the scaling of images larger than one U.S. letter size page (8.5 x 11 inches).

An image pasted into the chart may be any size, but if it has a vertical dimension greater than one U.S. letter size page, it will resize to fit into that vertical dimension. The program will not allow you to pick any vertical dimension between these two values. (If you wish to do back to the original size, you must IMMEDIATELY go to the Edit menu and select the Undo Size Picture item from the top of that menu.)

Testing shows that images which are wider than they are tall will extend across more than one page in the horizontal direction. So, if you want to have an image which forms a background graphic for the entire chart, you will have to prepare this image to the desired size in another program such as Microsoft Paint, JASC's Paint Shop Pro, or any number of other graphics programs.

There is a further complication which turned up when I was experimenting with preparing such images and pasting them into a chart. The horizontal scaling factor that is used for scaling images pasted from the Windows clipboard is 70 dpi. That is NOT the vertical scaling factor that is used, rather a figure close to 67.3 dpi is used. I do not know whether this is something which is a legacy of the Reunion code or a problem which developed when the code was originally ported to Windows. These two bugs have been reported to Sierra (failure to properly resize, unequal scaling factors).

A final note, when you are pasting an image to the chart to serve as a background, edit the image properties so that there is no border and no shadow for the image.


Horizontal scale factor for pasted images, 70 dpi [2.756 d/mm] or 595 pixels wide for a U.S. letter page

Vertical scale factor for pasted images, approximately 67.3 dpi [2.648 d/mm] or 740 pixels high for a U.S. letter page

Regards, Mike Hobart

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