Using other programs to edit Generations HTML output

Tip Version 58

Revised: 9 June 2001

Generations versions: 5.2 and above

Users often wish to add additional items to the HTML output generated by the Generations software. This may readily be done with various HTML or HTML-aware editors. It may even be done in simple text editors such as Windows Notepad, though with that type of editor the user must know exactly how to perform the HTML editing. Such a simple text editor offers no ready assistance in the HTML formatting and the end appearance.

There are a couple of points which must be kept in mind when doing this editing.

1) The file names and locations must be kept the same as any changes would break the links from the other web pages. This includes keeping the case the same.

2) The names of the links within the web pages must also be kept the same or they will also be broken.

3) Certain HTML-aware editors, such as Microsoft Word 2000, may save a considerable amount of extra information on each web page. Microsoft uses this extra information to permit the re-importation of the HTML output into Word without losing information in the export/re-import process. This extra information may sometimes cause problems with older versions of web browsers. The new Microsoft Word 2002 (part of Office XP) offers an additional "save as" mode to output leaner HTML code.

Users of Microsoft Word 2000 and Word 2002 should also set the options so that the output is compatible with the Netscape web browser rather than just Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser.

One sets these options in Word 2000 go to the Tools menu, select the Options item. Click on the General tab, then press the Web Options button. Again click on the General tab for these pages and make a check in the box for "Disable features not supported by." One then selects the appropriate category from the dropdown box. These are "Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0; Netscape Navigator 4.0" and "Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0".

MS Word 2000 options selections

The options in Word 2002 are more easily set from the Tools menu, Options item, but I do not presently have this release, so I do not have the exact description.. There is a greater flexibility in selecting the particular class of web browsers supported.

Regards, Mike Hobart

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