NameJohannes Clementson304
BirthOct 1782, Gåserud i Efteløt, Sandsvær, Buskerud, Norway
Christening21 Nov 1782, Siljan, Eidanger, Telemark, Norway305 Age: <1
Census3 Feb 1801, Solverod i Siljan, Telemark, Norway207 Age: 18
Death3 Apr 1819, Solverod i Siljan, Telemark, Norway306 Age: 36
Burial8 Apr 1819, Siljan, Telemark, Norway306
OccupationSchoolteacher, farmer
FatherClement Olsen (Gåserud) (~1750-1828)
BirthAug 1788, Moe i Gjerpen, Telemark, Norway
Census3 Feb 1801, Moe i Gjerpen, Telemark, Norway158 Age: 12
Christening23 Nov 1788, Gjerpen, Telemark, Norway Age: <1
Death24 Dec 1855, Gåserud i Efteløt, Sandsvær, Buskerud, Norway159 Age: 67
Burial3 Jan 1856, Efteløt, Sandsvær, Buskerud, Norway159
FatherNiels Andersen (Moe) (1739-~1808)
Marriage19 Jun 1811, Gjerpen, Telemark, Norway
ChildrenClement (1812-1878)
 Tone Gurine (1815-1895)
 Gunnild Marie (1817-1851)
 Johanne Marie (1819-1886)
Notes for Johannes Clementson
Johannes, like his father Clement, was involved both with the Grorud and the Gåserud farms307, so he is referred to as Johannes Gåserud or Grorud in the relevant records of both Sandsvær and Siljan (Slemdal).308

He was confirmed on Dom. 18 post Triniti 1800 in Efteløt, age 16.

Johannes taught school in Tuft, Komnes parish, from 1803-1808. He took over management of Gåserud in 1811.

His death record says he was 32 when he died in 1819, so that says he was born in 1787. The death entry in book Kl.b. 4 has the annotation that he lived at Gåserud i Efteløt, he died and was buried in Slemdahl (now Siljan). His death is also recorded in Eidanger (for Siljan) as occurring on 2 March 1819, with his burial on 7 May 1819 [possibly a misreading for 7 March]], age 30. We will use the Sandsvær figures. The vital records cited by Gran differ slightly yet again, with his christening in the Slemdal church on 24 November 1782, and dying while visiting the farm of Sølverød i Slemdal on 4 April 1819 and being buried on the 8th.

Gran states that from 1803-1808 he was skolholder (schoolteacher) in Tuft and Komnes, and holder of Gåserud on 3 May 1805. He has various additional details (get that translated).

Probate records for Johannes Clementson (b. 15, pp. 604-605) [LDS FHL microfilm 124074].309 There seems to be discussion of a deed or mortgage signed 17 January 1801.55
Notes for Torine (Spouse 1)
Torine was confirmed on the Sunday after Michels Dag (which is fixed at 29 September) 1804 in Gjerpen, age 15 years 1 month. That appears to be in error by one year, as she was christened on 23 November 1788.

She is named in skifteprotokolls.161
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