NameAnna Senti322
Birthabt 19 Nov 1808, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland
Christening21 Nov 1808, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland323 Age: <1
Confirmation16 Apr 1824, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland324 Age: 15
Census1835, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland325 Age: 26
Census1838, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland326 Age: 29
Census1848, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland327 Age: 39
Census1850, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland328 Age: 41
Death18 Apr 1870, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland329 Age: 61
Burial21 Apr 1870, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland329
FatherJohannes Senti (~1771-1841)
MotherElsbeth Zimmerman (~1783-1852)
Birth5 Mar 1804, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland330
Census1835, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland331 Age: 30
Census1838, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland332 Age: 33
Census1848, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland333 Age: 43
Census1850, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland334 Age: 45
Christening6 Mar 1804, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland335 Age: <1
Death3 Feb 1871, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland336 Age: 66
Burial5 Feb 1871, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland336
FatherChristian Johanni (1767-1828)
MotherMaria Stoker (~1769-1847)
Marriage26 Oct 1826, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland337
ChildrenChristian (1827->1880)
 Elsbeth (1830-)
 Johannes (1832-1911)
 Maria (1834-)
 Cathrina (1835-1903)
 Margreth (1837-1916)
 Johan Peter (1839-)
 Andreas (1842-)
 Ulrich (1843-)
 Jacob (1845-)
 Anton (1848-1870)
 Anna Barbara (1850-)
Notes for Anna Senti
The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Peter Zimmerman, Andreas Zimmerman, Engalina Rinschin born Meyer, Annabarbara RInchsin, and Maria Zimmerman. His age at death is given as 66 years, 10 months, 28 days, which yields a different birthdate from that found on the christening record.
Notes for Ulrich (Spouse 1)
His godparents and witnesses were Clemens Tony, schoolmaster Kilion Wolf, Anna Kuoni, Elsbeth Nigglana, and Anna Pfiffnerin from Malans. Note, beginning in 1839 or so he was referred to as Ulrich Johanni the elder, as Ulrich Johanni, son of Andreas Johanni, had married and started a family. The latter was referred to as Ulrich Johanni, the younger. The 1848 census had the date of 7 March 1804.
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