NameAnna Kessler
Birthabt 28 Aug 1663, Schuders, Graubünden, Switzerland
Christening30 Aug 1663, Schuders, Graubünden, Switzerland492 Age: <1
Deathabt 22 Jun 1708, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland Age: 44
Burial24 Jun 1708, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland503
FatherLutzÿ Kessler (1614-~1684)
MotherAnna Kessler (1644-~1716)
Birthabt 22 May 1663, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Christening24 May 1663, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland492 Age: <1
Deathabt 11 May 1741, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland Age: 77
Burial13 May 1741, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland550
FatherOttli Flütsch (1617-~1701)
MotherBarbla Sutar (1622-~1667)
Marriage22 May 1690, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland530
ChildrenBarbla (~1692-)
 Ottli (~1692-1725)
 Lutzi (~1693-~1729)
 Andreas (~1695->1736)
 Jacob (~1698-)
 Tschina (~1701-)
 Marti (~1703-~1780)
Notes for Anna Kessler
The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Hans Saltzgeber, Peter Heldstab, Stina Meyerin, Barbla Trisnerin, and Greta Saltzgeb. She was from the Schuders district at her marriage. She died in the Montania district at age 45.
There is nothing in the death record, but I wonder if she might have died in childbirth given the regularity of her children and the fact that she died two years after the birth of Barbla.
Notes for Hans (Spouse 1)
He was born in the Matania district. The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Jöri Cassal, Hans Wunderer, Christan Willi, Madelana von Porta, and Greta Contzetin. He was from the Matania district at his marriage. He was called Hans (Ottli) Flütsch in the records to distinguish him. He died in the Montania district, age 78 years.
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