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Name Tollef ???
Death ? 1662
Occupation Farmer
Children: Paul (1591->1667)
Jens (-?1698)
Notes for Tollef ???
Tollef was the first person to farm at Grorud, settling there in 1644. Bakken31 (pp. 603-627) discusses the farm, it's history and residents. The site had been used as a farm before, but it was one of the many farms which had been devastated when the Black Death swept through Norway in the winter of 1349-1350. So the site had been vacant for almost 300 years. The "rud" or "rod" ending on the farm name is seen on the oldest farms in the Slemdahl region and means roughly "clearing." The first part of the name, "Gro" means crops. A more typical name would have been Tollefsud, but there was already a farm by that name.

Tollef ran the farm until 1662, when his brother Harald took over for two years.
31 (pp. 610, 612)
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