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Name Ase Gulbrandsdotter (Borge)
1 Gulbrand Syversen (Sporan)
Death bef 1653
Occupation Farmer
Father Syver ???
Marriage 1640/1650, Nore, Buskerud, Norway
Children: Syver
Research Notes for Ase Gulbrandsdotter (Borge)
34 (pp. 436-437)
Notes for Gulbrand (Spouse 1)
Loftsgard34 has a history of the Sporan farm (g. nr. 142) and a genealogy of its families, beginning on page 434. Gulbrand was the farmer at Sporan as early as 1594. He was married three times, the first time to an wife whose name is not known, only that she was a daughter of Laurits Tjostolvson, then to Ase Gulbrandsdotter (Borge?), finally to Sigrid Kittilsdotter (Vetterhaus). He apparently was quite rich as he owned several pieces of property.
34 (pp. 434+ ; v. 6, p. 202, fam 2244)
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