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Name Tone Johannesdatter (Grorud)
Birth Sep 1753, Ovre Grorud i Siljan, Telemark, Norway
Christen 28 Oct 1753, Siljan, Telemark, Norway
Death 23 Feb 1821, Gåserud i Efteløt, Sandsvær, Buskerud, Norway
Burial 9 Mar 1821, Efteløt, Sandsvær, Buskerud, Norway
Father Johannes Olsen (Grorud) (1713-~1770)
Mother Ingeborg Jensdatter (Hogstad) (1718-~1779)
1 Clement Olsen (Gåserud)
Birth abt Jan 1750, Christiansmoen i Nes, Buskerud, Norway
Christen 25 Feb 1750, Nes, Buskerud, Norway
Death 15 Nov 1828, Luksefjell i Gjerpen, Telemark, Norway
Burial 28 Dec 1828, Siljan, Telemark, Norway
Father Ole Olson (Gåserud) (1708-~1792)
Mother Ingeborg Christensdatter (~1710-~1779)
Marriage 11 Apr 1779, Siljan, Eidanger, Telemark, Norway
Children: daughter (~1779-~1779)
Ingeborg (1780-~1786)
Johannes (1782-1819)
Anne (1787-1842)
Ingeborg (1790-1821)
Notes for Tone Johannesdatter (Grorud)
She was christened on the 16th Sunday after Trinity in 1753. Gran has that as 17 October 1753.

The Grorud farm is the next one down the Mykleelva stream from Myklevatn lake below the Gåserud farm. The distance is about 3.5 km. Both Grorud and Gåserud were founded at the same time in the 1600s.

She was involved in a fight when a music student of hers, Tora Marie Dammen, attacked her.30
28 (b.15, p. 193), 32 (b. 4, p. 172; b. 6, p. 115), 31 (pp. 587, 615), 29 (pp. 221, 223), 30 (b. 3, p. 667)
1801 Norwegian Census, Buskerud, Sandsvær, frame M-01 [LDS FHL microfiche 6200787]
Notes for Clement (Spouse 1)
The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Barbro Gremsgaard, Ole Wegger, Aslay Onsgaard, Even Olsen Overud, Gunbior Peersdatter, and ___ _____.

The Christensmoen farm was more commonly known as Hansamoen and is called Bringerud on the modern map. It is a couple of kilometers south of Nes in Hallingdal.

He was confirmed in 1768 in Efteløt. Clement and Tone were bethrothed on 27 December 1778 in Eidanger and married there on 11 April 1779. He was from Gåserud i Sandsvær at the time.

He is referred to as Clement Gåserud in the Sandsvær records, and as Clement Gåserud, occasionally as Clement Grorud, in the Siljan records. A barn which he built in 1772 is still standing and in use at the Gåserud farm. He carved his initials into the frame, "K.O.K. og årstallet 1772." He ran the farm from 1780 until his death.

His probate was copied, it is #29 of 1819, pp. 605-607, b. 15, [LDS FHL microfilm 124074]. There seems to be a discussion of a deed or mortgage of 18 Jan 1801, p. 336 in some book.

His son Johannes may have pre-deceased him as Johannes' probate precedes that of Clement. Clement's probate proves that Ole Halvorson Fjeld's mother Anne Clementsdatter and Johannie Marie Johannesdatter's father, Johannes Clementson, were sister and brother, so that Ole and Anne were first cousins.

I couldn't find his death record - puzzling. It ought to be near his son's since the probates were adjacent. Unless handling the distribution of his estate was delayed for some reason? I checked the Eidanger/Siljan records and did not find it there either, even though his son Johannes is listed in the Siljan records. I have looked in the records for several years prior to the date of the filing of his probate in both localities.

Gran35 states that he died on 15 November 1828 while he was visiting at Luksefjell, and that he was buried in Slemdal (Siljan). This is confirmed in the Eidanger church records32 (Siljan was run as a sub-parish of Eidanger at the time). He took over running Gåserud on 14 July 1780. Gran has some more which needs to be translated. The probate records are interesting in that they have a listing for him just after his son Johannes' death in 1819. Perhaps that was to establish the share of his estate which Johannes' children would receive. Check the 1828/9 records also.
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1801 Norwegian Census, Buskerud, Sandsvær, frame M-01 [LDS FHL microfiche 6200787]
Numedal og Sandsvær Skifteprotokol: 1776-1780, b. 10, pp. 444-451 [index LDS FHL microfilm 124100, records 124068]
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