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Name Verna Florence Halvorson
Birth 31 Oct 1902, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Christen 1 Mar 1903, Linden Lutheran Church, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Death 31 Jan 1965
Religion Lutheran
Father Clement Halvorson (1853-1942)
Mother Anna Johanni (1859-1937)
1 Ernest Clair Asleson
Birth 11 Sep 1904, Brown, Minnesota
Death 15 Mar 1946
Occupation Buttermaker
Father Ole Asleson (1878-1932)
Mother Maria ??? (1885-1916)
Marriage 23 Apr 1930, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Children: Mary Ann (<1946-<1946)
2 Henry W. Schultz
Birth 28 Oct 1893
Death 24 Apr 1972
Marriage aft 15 Mar 1946
Medical Notes for Verna Florence Halvorson
She died from lung cancer. It was diagnosed only shortly before she died.
Misc. Notes
Witnesses at her baptism were Shalleben [Valentine Shalleben] and wife, Anna Nelsen, P. Pedersen. Verna was not attending school in 1910. She was confirmed at the Linden Lutheran Church on 24 September 1916.


On the second Sunday of June - sunny, bright and clear
The Halvorson clan began to gather - they came from far and near.
The Schultz's from Iowa started early but alas,
They had a flat tire - and also ran out of gas!
Bird Halvorson was there with his gay "goatee"
He looked like a "Southern Colonel" - The description fit him to a T!
Jerry Gronewold also sported whiskers - a crop very fine,
And Arnie Laingen has a moustache, just to be in line.
Why all these "brothers of the brush"?
Madelia had a centennial, so that accounts for all the "fuss".

The youngest member of the clan to appear upon the scene was little
John Laingen, wasn't he quite bold?
Considering the fact that he was just 2 weeks old?
A favorite son was missing, I'm speaking now of Fred - (Christianson)
And another one was Clyda - who occupied a hospital bed.

So much for last years gathering --
Now I'll try to relate a few of the year's happenings -
Just to bring you up to date!
Last fall wedding bells rang o'er the countryside -
When James Hoeft of Madelia took Gayle Halvorson for his bride.
And Albert Halvorson's son, Herbert, deserted bachelor life -
And took a New Ulm girl to be his loving wife.

Last winter from Montana our brother Ed did appear -
We had not seen him for many a long year.
In December on a cold winter day
We received the sad news that brother John had passed away.
His body was returned to North Carolina, the state he loved the best.
On a pine covered hill in the Cemetery - he was laid to rest.
Just about 2 months later, his wife who was quite ill,
Left this earthly world, and joined him on the hill.

Lorraine Halvorson Thordson and family were lured by the Northern shore -
And departed for Hibbing, that's where they mine the ore.
James Lewis still resides in a sunny clime,
He is a chemist and is doing fine.
Then there's Betty Lewis, She's a chemist too -
Rather an unusual task for a girl to do.
Sammy Harbo, Jr., braved the Alaskan cold -
To study wild life - not in search of gold!

Kenneth Halvorson lives in Georgia - Known as the peach state -
And he's doing right well, I'm happy to relate.
Lucile Halvorson Daniel has donned her white uniform and cap -
And is again telling patients - what to eat and when to nap.

Two new twigs have been added to the family tree, one by one,
As Jerry Gronewold and Leslie Lewis each have a new son.

This is all I can think of - and if some has been left out
It's because I did not know it - You just forgot to shout!

Now I don't claim to be a poet - I'll never rise to fame -
So when I compose a poem like this - I never sign my name!
(Echoes from an Iowa cornfield)


Gladys Lewis23 recounts some details she learned from Lucile Halvorson Daniel when Gladys and her husband visited Lucile in the summer of 1989. "Verna was not allowed to attend high school - Her mother wanted to keep her at home! She did attend a church camp once and met a young man there. He wrote to her and her mother intercepted the letters so she never saw them. When she married Ernest they lived with Clement and Anna for a time. Ernest must have been something of a speculator when they lived in Minnesota. He talked Anna into investing $8,000 in some scheme - and lost it! Lucile said that her mother had asked her what to do and Lucile must have trusted Ernest so she told her to go ahead if that was what she wanted to do. (She feld a bit responsible when her mother lost it!) That was quite a sum of money in those days."
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Notes for Ernest Clair (Spouse 1)
They were married at the Linden Lutheran Church and the witnesses were R. T. Logan and Lucile M. Halvorson.

They were living in Linden Township at the time of Anna (Johanni) Halvorson's death.

Glady Lewis23 tells that her husband recalls Ernest as being a very jolly person and that the pictures all show him with a smile on his face.
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Notes for Henry W. (Spouse 2)
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