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Name Halvor O. Halvorson
Birth 8 Mar 1846, Dyrkoll i Gjerpen, Telemark, Norway
Death 10 Apr 1920, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Burial 13 Apr 1920, Linden Lutheran Cemetery, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Emigration 10 Apr 1855, Gjerpen, Telemark, Norway
Immigration 1855, Oconomowoc, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Occupation Farmer, bridge-builder
Religion Lutheran
Father Ole Halvorson (Fjeld) (1822-1879)
Mother Johanne Marie Johannesdatter (1819-1886)
1 Caroline Olson
Birth 4 Aug 1855, Rock, Wisconsin
Death 29 Mar 1925, Lake Crystal, Blue Earth, Minnesota
Burial 31 Mar 1925, Linden Lutheran Cemetery, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Religion Lutheran
Father Thor Olson (Haugen) (1826-1900)
Mother Betsy ??? (-<1865)
Marriage 8 Sep 1876, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Children: Oscar Theodore (1877-1960)
Martin Birdy (1879-1879)
Betsey Josephine (1880-1939)
Lawrence Severance (1882-1961)
Emma Louise (1883-1965)
Ella Marie (1886-1948)
Henry Clarence (1889-1953)
Albert (1891-1970)
Lulu Lenora (1893-1937)
Medical Notes for Halvor O. Halvorson
He was vaccinated against smallpox on 7 February 1846. His father is described as being of Dyrkoll at that time.
Misc. Notes
Some sources incorrectly have 1845 as his birth year.

Thordson3 has Halvor Halvorson confirmed at the Linden Church on 3 May 1874. There is a Halvor Halvorson confirmed then, but he is much younger than this Halvor, so the identification is incorrect. She lists another Halvor Halvorson confirmed there on 10 November 1878, which is also not this one. Most confirmations occurred at ages 14-15 in the Norwegian Lutheran Church, so he was most likely confirmed while the family was in Wisconsin.

There is a deed where Halvor Halvorson of Oconomwoc, Waukesha, Wisconsin, bought land from Gulbrand and Martha Jensen on 7 October 1867. It was for part of the SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of section 4, Summit Township. Starting in the center of the highway running north and south near the eighth line of the north northwest quarter of section of and at the northeast corner of ten acres of land owned by Edwin Hurlbert, thence west on his north line four chains and sixty links to a stake, thence north parallel with said highway twoo chains and seventeen and one third links to a stake; thence east parallel with said Hurlbert's line four chains and sixty links to the centre of said highway, thence south in centre of said hightway two chains and seventeen and one-third links to the beginning, containing one acre. (v. 39, p. 337). This is possibly our Halvor.

He moved from Wisconsin to Linden Twp., Brown Co., Minnesota, in 1868, a year in advance of the rest of the family. This is confirmed by the 1895 Minnesota census, which shows that he had been in Minnesota and in Linden for 27 years. Halvor was working with his father on the family farm in 1870. He worked at various occupations and eventually was with a bridge-building crew which worked extensively in souther Minnesota and Iowa. He purchased his homestead of eighty acres in section 20 of Linden township when he married and an adjoining forty acres. He moved to his father's farm in 1882 and assumed the payments on that farm. His brother John had purchased eighty acres of their father's farm. The original homestead was destroyed by fire in 1891 with virtually all it's contents. Halvor rebuilt all the farm buildings.

Halvor bought 40 acres of land for $100 from Anders and Jhanne Ericksen on 17 April 1878. This was the NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 20, Township 108 N., Range 30 W.20 (v. 14, p. 529) He made final homestead payment of $4 on 31 July 1882 for the East 1/2 NE 1/4, Section 20, Township 108 N., Range 30 W., amounting to 80 acres. Halvor and his wife Caroline sold this parcel to Hans and Randi Pederson on 17 October 1882 for $600. Included in that sale was an adjoining parcel, NW 1/4 of NE 1/4, Section 20, Township 108 N., Range 30 W., excepting a parcel commencing 7.78 chains west from the SE corner of the NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 20, Township 108 N., Range 30 W., thence west 12 chains and 22 links, thence north 75 degrees east 9 chains and 50 links, thence north 83 degrees east 7 chains and 75 links, thence south 59 degrees east 5 chains, thence south 24.5 degrees east 8 chains and 5 links to the point of beginning, containing 8.46 acres. (v. 22, pp. 393-395) He bought 114 acres of land from the St. Paul and Sioux City Railroad Company on 28 May 1883 for $700. This was the S 1/2 of NW 1/4 and Lot 2 of Section 11, Township 108 N., Range 30 W. There is a reference to taxes which may have accrued since 3 November 1868, which might mean that the Halvorsons had been renting or leasing the land since that date and had been responsible for the taxes. (v. 24, pp. 57-59) This would be consistent with the 1869 Linden tax returns, which shows this as the south half of the property of Ole Halvorson.

Halvor and Caroline sold Lot 2 of Section 11, Township 108 N., Range 30 W., to his brother John for $700 on 5 May 1891. The witnesses were Anna Halvorson and Clement Halvorson, who also recorded it.20 (v. 39, p. 197)

The Linden Lutheran Church has the marriage recorded as 8 September 1870, not 1 October 1870 as in Thordson3. The witnesses were Thora Olson and Gunder Paulson. The Brown County records show that the marriage license was issued on 21 September 1876 and the marriage occurred on 8 October 1876 at New Ulm with Peter Tormodson and Ole Saben as the witnesses.

Andrew Olson was working on his farm in 1885.

He was one of the founders of the Linden Creamery Company. He served as constable and township supervisor.

Fritsche5 has a biography of him.

Buried in Lot 33 of the Linden Lutheran Cemetery. He was the orignal lot holder. The Linden Lutheran Church record has him dying on 11 April 1920 while Thordson3 has it on 10 April. The obituary shows that it was 10 April 1920.

Hanska Herald, 16 April 1920:

"Old Pioneer Laid to Rest Tuesday

Halvor Halvorson Died at His Home In Linden Last Saturday

Halvor Halvorson a wellknown farmer of Linden township and one of the old pioneers, died at his home in Linden Saturday evening at 8 o'clock after a short illness.
Mr. Halvorson was born near the city of Skien, Norway, March 8, 1864 [sic, 1846] and came with his parents to this country in 1855, who first located in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. In 1868 he came to Brown County and for some time thereafter working at various occupations until he became connected with a bridge building crew and for some time was thus employed in southern Minnesota and Iowa. In 1876 he purchased land in Linden and there he has lived ever since. Mr. Halvorson was one of the organizers of the Linden Creamery Company. He has served in the public capacity of constable and township supervisor and in other ways done his part as a citizen in the service of the public.
In October 1876 he was married to Caroline Olson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thore Olson to whome ten children have been born. Two of whom died in infancy. They are: - Oscar of Erie, Minnesota, Mrs. Nels L. Lien of Superior, Wisconsin, Lawrence, of Linden, Mrs. Arthur Olson of Minneapolis, Mrs. Clifton Hepworth of Chicago, Clarence, Albert and Lulu all of Linden.
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Bjelland. Thomas Haug sang a beautiful solo. Internment took place in the Linden Cemetery. A large number of relatives and friends followed him to his last resting place.
The Herald join [sic] their friends in extending sympathy to the bereaved family."
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Notes for Caroline (Spouse 1)
She was listed as the youngest student in the Linden Township school in the report filed on 26 January 1859 by Thorsten Levig.

Possibly died 9 Mar 1925, the Cemetery records support that year instead of 1924. The Linden Church records show that she died 29 March 1925 in Lake Crystal and was buried on 31 March 1925. This data is used.

Buried in Lot 33 of the Linden Lutheran Cemetery. Halvor and Caroline share a headstone in the cemetery. It reads as follows:

"Halvor Halvorson Mar. 8, 1846-Apr. 10, 1920
Caroline (Haugen) Aug. 4, 1855-Mar. 9, 1924

Iver Hanson Apr. 25, 1845-June 29, 1933
Eli (Haugen) Mar. 1, 1849-Feb. 9, 1922

Albert Halvorson Jan. 1, 1891-Oct. 12, 1970
Emma (Hanson) Oct. 4, 1892-Jan. 25, 1937

Anne Hanson (sister of Emma) June 12, 1886-Nov. 24, 1975
Anne raised Iva & Herbert upon the death of their mother"

Locate her on the 1860 and 1870 censuses.

Their son Martin Birdy Halvorson has caused some confusion in the 1974 genealogy of the Halvorson family by Thordson3. This child lived only two days. Examination of the Brown County vital records, the Linden church records, and a photograph of the grave of Ole Halvorson by John Brown21 reveals the source of this confusion. Thordson knew that Halvor and Caroline had a child which died as an infant but did not have the details of the birth and death. Also, she did not have any record of Martin as one of their children. There was also headstone labeled "Infant 1879-1879" just to the right of the headstone for Ole Halvorson, between Ole's headstone and that of his wife Johanne. This led to the mistaken but understandable belief that the child was that of Ole and Johanne, even though Johanne would have been 60 years old at the time. It is not medically impossible for her to have had a child that late, but it would be a chance in the tens of millions, at least. The Brown County vital records showed that Halvor and Caroline were the only Halvorsons to have a child in Linden in 1879, and that the child died after only two days. The Linden church records confirmed that this child was buried in the cemetery, and, importantly, that it was buried on the same day as it's paternal grandfather, Ole Halvorson. The cemetery records show that Halvor and Caroline did not have a seperate cemetery plot at this time. This explains why the infant was buried next to his grandfather and resolves the two "infant" problems in the Halvorson genealogy.
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