NameBerit Olsdatter
Birth1700, ? Ladengen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway53
Deathabt 7 Dec 1751, Laingen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway Age: 51
Burial9 Dec 1751, Garmo, Oppland, Norway128
FatherOle ???
Mother??? ???
Birth1695, Bakkeberg nordre i Boverdal, Oppland, Norway121
Birth MemoG.Nr. 126-2
Deathabt 12 May 1762, Ladengen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway Age: 67
Burial17 May 1762, Garmo, Oppland, Norway121
FatherIver Pouelsen (-~1704)
Marriagebef 1733
ChildrenOle (~1734-~1810)
 Ivar (1735-1735)
 Iver (~1737-~1802)
 Tore (~1740-<1790)
 Anne (~1743-1801)
 Niels (~1747-1815)
Notes for Berit Olsdatter
She is named in skifteprotokolls.129

She was introduced back to the church on 1 November 1737 after the birth of Iver.
Notes for Poul (Spouse 1)
He is named in several skifteprotokolls.123

Poul and Berit apparently were married before 1733, when the Lom church records start. Poul and Sidsel were betrothed on 15 March 1753, and the cautionares at their marriage were Ellef Lyngved and Jon Frisvold.

He ran the Laingen farm from 1735 to ca 1758. They had earlier farmed at Øyejordet, G.Nr. 106-1.

"Dei skulle få arven etter ho. Farbroren til Pål, Nils Pålsoson f. ca 1665, d. 1753, gav seg inn her i 1741. Han ver skulemeister. Det var skifte etter Brit i 1752."120, 120
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