NameKnud Ericksen (Brimi)12
Birthabt Jun 1770, Brimi i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Christening8 Jul 1770, Garmo, Oppland, Norway14 Age: <1
Census1 Feb 1801, Brimi i Garmo, Oppland, Norway15 Age: 30
Death21 Jul 1844, Brimi i Garmo, Oppland, Norway14 Age: 74
Burial5 Aug 1844, Garmo, Oppland, Norway14
FatherErich Knudsen (Brimie) (1733-~1776)
MotherBrit Tronsdatter (1739-~1777)
Birth1769, Rostad i Lom, Oppland, Norway
Death6 Aug 1800, Brimie nordre i Garmo, Lom, Oppland, Norway13 Age: 31
BurialGarmo, Oppland, Norway
Marriage20 Nov 1792, Lom, Oppland, Norway14
ChildrenErich (1795-1867)
 Thorsten (1797-1876)
Birth1778, Garmo systugu i Garmo, Oppland, Norway76
Birth MemoG.Nr. 4-1
Census1 Feb 1801, Garmo systugu i Garmo, Oppland, Norway77 Age: 23
Death1861, Brimi nordre i Garmo, Oppland, Norway76 Age: 83
FatherIver Garmo (?) (-<1787)
MotherEmbior Olsdatter (1749->1801)
Marriage18 Oct 1803, Garmo, Oppland, Norway78
ChildrenIver (1804-1893)
 Inger (1806-)
 Knut (1807-)
 Embjørg (1813-1835)
 Tron (1817-1875)
ChildrenToro (Illegitimate) (?1801-1801)
Notes for Knud Ericksen (Brimi)
The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Ole Tristad, Sever Hidem, Ole Frisvold, Gunnild Moe, and Ronnov Frisvold.

Knud and Ingri were betrothed on 29 October 1792. The cautioners for his first marriage were Ole Ladengen and Johnannes Joensen Lyngved.

He is named in skifteprotokolls.17
Notes for Ingri (Spouse 1)
The farm surname on her marriage record is not completely clear, the first letter is hard to read.

Her skifteprotokoll is dated 8 August 1800.16
Notes for Ragnild (Spouse 2)
The cautionares at their marriage were Ole Ladingen and Ole Lyngved.
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