NameRonnaug Tronsdatter (Lyngved)19
Birth18 Feb 1846, Lyngved i Garmo, Oppland, Norway34
Christening29 May 1846, Garmo, Oppland, Norway34 Age: <1
Census31 Dec 1865, Loftsgaard i Sel, Oppland, Norway35 Age: 19
Immigration1870, America Age: 23
Emigration20 May 1870, Vågå, Oppland, Norway36 Age: 24
Death24 Aug 1873, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota37 Age: 27
BurialOur Savior's Lutheran Cemetery, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota38,39
FatherTron Knudson (Brimi) (1817-1875)
MotherAnna Poulsdatter (Ladengen) (1814-1893)
Birth28 Jul 1836, Laingen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway21
Christening14 Aug 1836, Garmo, Oppland, Norway21 Age: <1
Immigration1861, California22 Age: 24
Emigration5 Apr 1861, Lom, Oppland, Norway Age: 24
Residence1870, California22 Age: 33
Immigration1870, Quebec23 Age: 33
Census1 May 1875, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota24 Age: 38
Census16 Jun 1880, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota25 Age: 43
Census1 May 1885, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota26 Age: 48
Census18 Jun 1895, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota27 Age: 58
Census2 Jul 1900, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota28 Age: 63
Residence1904, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota29 Age: 67
Census1 Jun 1905, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota30 Age: 68
Census5 May 1910, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota31 Age: 73
Death16 Dec 1911, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota32 Age: 75
Burial20 Dec 1911, Our Savior's Lutheran Cemetery, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota32,33
Alias/AKAPeter Langston (1875 census), Peter K Ladengen (1880 census)
OccupationFarmer (1880, 1895, 1900, 1905), retired (1910)
FatherKnud Pederson (Lyngved) (1798-1875)
MotherThora Paulsdatter (Laingen) (1812-1906)
Marriage1870, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota
ChildrenCharles Richard (1872-1949)
Notes for Ronnaug Tronsdatter (Lyngved)
The witnesses at her christening were Knud and Thora Ladengen, Henning Garmoe, Anders Lyngved, and Anne Brimi. She was confirmed, as Ronnaug Tronsdatter Loftsgaard, in Sell, Vågå, on 29 June 1862. She left for America in the company of her brother Knud. Her brother was back in Norway at the time of the 1875 Norwegian census.

Ronnaug was Theodore's first cousin, their mothers were sisters. Buried in the Laingen plot in the Cemetery, lot 53, grave 6 (official scheme). In the transcriptions it was described as being in row 5, grave 16.32

Check the notes of Thosten Kjestad re the christening in Linden in 1871. Search for Peder and Regina's marriage, probably in Illinois, and possibly also check the Quebec passenger lists, though there would be many to check. Her name was given as "Ronaug Langdon" on the death record. So we have another Ronnaug/Regina spelling variant. The death record also shows that she arrived in Minnesota on 5 July 1871 and that she died on 27 August 1873, slightly different from the 24 August 1873 date on the gravestone.

Her father's probate settlement from 1877 shows that she had married Peder Knudson Laengen, she had died 3 or 4 years previously in America, and that she had a son Charles Pederson Laengen, aged 5 or 6 years. This is positive confirmation of her identity as the first wife of Peder K. Laingen.52
She was vaccinated against smallpox on 9 July 1847. Her cause of death was listed as consumption.
Medical Notes for Peder Knudson (Spouse 1)
He was vaccinated for smallpox in 1839. His death certificate lists cause of death dilation of the heart, suffered for 24 days, with secondary cause pneumonia suffered for 7 days.
Misc. Notes
The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Anders Lyngved, Knud Brimie, Ole Moe, Karen Lyngved, and Marie Lyngved. The family farm is still called Laingen in the record of his birth, which is given as 31 July 1836 in the church record. He was confirmed at Lom on 3 March 1850, and the records show that he left for America on 8 April 1861.

The second volume of "Noordmænd i Amerika," published in 1913, states that he emigrated to America from Lom in 1862 and went to California. It then states that he settled at Lake Crystal, Minnesota, in 1871.46

The 1895 census shows that he had been in Minnesota and in Butternut Valley for 25 years (circa 1870). This explains why he was not found there in the 1870 U.S. census. The question arises as to where he was living 1861-1870. The biography by his eldest son Charles says that he was in California in the 1860s.

It would be useful to locate his naturalization, which was not in Blue Earth County. The fact that the Laingen farm in Butternut/Lincoln townships became a "Century Farm," with a date of 1868, means that we should examine the deeds for that year. No evidence for his purchasing land in 1868 has yet been located.

He went back to Norway in 1869 according to an account by Thorsten Paulson Laingen47, and led the extended family group back to America, as there is an entry for a "Peder H. Langen," age 33, which is correct, on the S.S. Germany, along with his brother Paul K. Langen and the Kjestads. A check of the available passport indices in early 1997 by the National Archives reseach staff did not find a record of a passport issued for this trip. Passports were optional at that time. The Oslo Emigration protokoll records show that they left on 3 June 1870 aboard the "S.S. Hero," along with many others from Lom and Vågå. These included the following relatives and friends, all intending to go to Chicago: Hans Johannesen Landidegen (19), Kjostel Johannesen Kjastad (22), Ronnaug [Johannesdatter Kjastad] (28), Peder Knudsen Laingen (33) noted as having already been in America, Ole Olsen Klaverud (16) sharing a cabin with Peder Laingen, Rasmus Knudsen Ekle (70, married), Kari [Ekle] (60, married), Ragnhild [Ekle] (17), Paul Knudsen Laingen (39, married), Else Larsdatter [Laingen] (43, married), Lars Larsen [Laingen] (17), Knud Paulsen [Laingen] (10), Torsten [Paulsen Laingen] (7), Thora [Paulsdatter Laingen] (1), Thorsten Johannesen Kjastad (28, married), Ronnaug [Kjastad] (23, married), Knud Thronsen Loftsgaard (26), Ronaug [Loftsgaard] (24).

They arrived through Quebec.23

Peder married Ronnaug Kjestad on 15 October 1875, with W. B. Morrow, J.P., performing the ceremony. The witnesses were Johannes Goarud and Sarina Severson. Peder and Ronnaug (called Regina) were married the same day they obtained the marriage license. They seemed to be keeping the old Norwegian custom of marrying once the bride was pregnant, as Theodore was born a bit less than four months after the marriage date. They had also been listed together in the same household earlier in the year during the 1875 Minnesota census. This marriage date explains why Ronnaug was listed under her maiden name.45

The 1875 Minnesota census shows them listed between Hugh McCurry and William J. Davis.

Rasmas K. Ekle from Garmo, wife Kari and daughter Ragnild were on the ship. Ragnild later married one of the Kjestads. Theodore Laingen's address book contains the address for Amund R. Ekle in Mankato for many years. There are undoubtedly other friends/relatives who traveled together with them. Other cousins in the address book are Thorsten and Knud Knudsen Brimi. Knud Brimi had married Peder's other sister Ronnaug, the one who stayed in Norway. The Hanson "cousins" in Theodore's autograph book are the children of his sister Ronnaug who married a Hanson who was a carpenter who was living in Chicago in 1906 (according to his mother's probate).

He was involved in organizing the Norwegan Lutheran Evangelical Church of Lincoln. The meeting was held at his home on section 3 of Lincoln township on 27 August 1876 and he was one of the first group of three officers. The original name of the church was "The Norwegan Lutheran Evangelical Church of Butternut Valley." The name was changed to Lincoln on 6 November 1882 when another church was founded in Butternut Valley. Peder is not seen among the members of the Lincoln church after that date and evidently joined those forming the new Butternut church. He is listed among the founding officials of the church in 1876.48

There was a John Nelson, age 25, born in Norway, listed with them at the time of the 1885 Minnesota state census.

He went back to Norway to visit in the summer of 1899. His mother was still alive at the time. The National Archives research staff did not find a record of any passport issued to him for this trip.

The 1904-05 Blue Earth Co. directory shows him farming in section 34, Butternut Valley, with 80 acres assessed at $1239.49

Peder was 74 years, 4 months, and 18 days old when he died. His son Theodore's diary entry for 16 Dec 1911: "Mark this day 1:10 P.M. [emphasized in color and obviously added.] a fine day. Lar [Lars Laingen] and Chas [Charles Laingen] to town P.M. Jno. [John Laingen] came home. Dr. here."

His grave is in the Laingen plot in the Cemetery, row 5, grave 20 (transcription scheme). It is in lot 53, grave 4 (official scheme). It has the following inscription in addition to the dates:

"Fred med dit stov
velsignet vare dit Minde"

He was a witness at a Linden Lutheran Church baptism, abstracted as follows:

Hans, b. 20 Oct 1877, bp. 25 Dec 1877, s. of Halvor Hansen and Ragnild Olsdattir, witnesses P. Laingen, E. Overli, O. Bjorgen, Ronnaug Kjestad, Evelyen Overli.

Barb Laingen Feder reports that there was a paragraph in the newspaper on his death. He was described as a prominent citizen of Butternut Valley, a good citizen and an enterprising farmer. It also said that he was sick only a short time and gave the date of death as December 15.19

Note, he was not seen in a 1865/6 or in a 1869 Chicago City directory.

The probate settlement for Tron Knudsen (Loftsgaard) in 1877 confirms the identity of his first wife. He did not have a good year in 1875/6 as his father died, his first wife's father died, and his second wife's father died. Knud Brimie, his brother-in-law, acted as his representative at the probates of his father and of the father of his first wife.50 51

Jeanette Mathistead has some details on the Laingen family, but has errors in the first generation, and not much on Peder. She is concentrating more on the Odin Laingens.

The Lake Crystal Union, 20 December 1911:

" P. K. Laingen, died at his residence in Butternut Valley, Minn., Saturday, Dec. 15, 1911, aged 75 years and a few months. The deceased had not been sick but a short time.
He leaves one daughter and four sons, Charley, a prominent business man in Cottonwood; Theodore on the old homestead; Chester and John in N. D.
Mr. Laingen was one of the prominent men of Butternut Valley, a good citizen and enterprising farmer. The funeral will be held to-day from the Butternut church."

He arrived in New York on his return from Norway on 30 August 1899, aboard "S.S. Teutonic," from Liverpool. He was accompanied by his nieces Anne S. and Ragnild Laingen. The Teutonic was part of the White Star Line and sailed from Liverpool, England, on 23 August 1899, and Queenstown, Ireland on 24 August 1899, Edward Robert McLinstry [?] master. He had sailed from Kristiania (Oslo) on the S.S. Angelo on 18 August 1899.
Notes for Peder Knudson & Ronnaug (Family)
The information supplied by Charles Laingen for the Lyon County history states that they were married in 1870 in Blue Earth County. A careful examination of the microfilmed marriage records and marriage license applications did not find their marriage their in the 1870-1872 interval. As T. P. Laingen's account mentions that they stopped with relatives and that Peder Laingen went on ahead with the Kjestad brothers to find suitable land, it may well be the case that this marriage took place in 1870, but where they stopped instead of in Blue Earth County.
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