Name??? Amundsdotter (Røssum)353,12
BirthRøssum i Kvam, Oppland, Norway
FatherAmund Ivarsson (Røssum) (~1350->1394)
Mother??? ???
Birthabt 1425
Deathaft 1474 Age: 49
FatherRoar Arnesson (?) (~1390-)
Mother??? ???
ChildrenAmund (~1480-)
Notes for Ivar (Spouse 1)
He was the fourth owner of the Rossum farm in the Kvam area of Nord Fron, Oppland, Norway.
If identified correctly, Dol, may be the current Dale, in the southern part of Sel, just west of Otta along the Otta River. "Otta" topographic map, 6849300m N, 527000m E UTM coordinates.

The Rossum farm is just to the east of the town of Kvam in Nord-Fron. "Vinstra" topographic map, 6837800m N, 537000m E UTM coordinates.370
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