Peder Knudson Laingen and siblings Genealogy

Photo: The stave church of Lom, Oppland, Norway.

The family and ancestry of Peder Knudson Laingen and his two wives, Ronnaug Tronsdattir Lyngved and Ronnaug Johannesdattir Kjestad.

Also included are the siblings of Peder and his wives (and their siblings) and the ancestry of all of that extended family group.

Peder was born at Garmo, Oppland, Norway, in 1836, and died at Butternut Valley, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota, in 1911. Ronnaug Tronsdattir was born at Garmo in 1846 and died at Butternut Valley in 1873. Ronnaug Johannesdattir was born at Lom in 1837 and died at Butternut Valley in 1900.

Peder first came to the United States in 1861 and returned to Norway in the fall of 1869. At this time we only know that he spent part of this period in California. He led a large group of relatives and friends from the Lom-Garmo area to the United States in the spring of 1870. Peder and his brother Paul appear to be the ancestors of all of the Laingens presently in the United States. Their brothers who settled in Chicago took the Knudson patronymic as their surnames. They and their siblings have numerous other descendants with other surnames.