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Name Jon Jonsen (Mo)
Birth 7 Mar 1861, Mo i Garmo, Oppland, Norway14
Confirmation 11 Jan 1875, Lom, Oppland, Norway14
Immigration 1888/1890, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Death 1893/1900, ? Minnesota
Father Jon Gregorinsen (1826->1900)
Mother Sigrid Larsdatter (1831->1900)
1 Kari Knudsdatter (Brimi)
Birth 20 Mar 1861, Brimi nordre i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Christen 1 Apr 1861, Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Death aft 29 Oct 1934
Immigration 1888/1890, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Father Knud Thorstensen (Brimi) (1832-1900)
Mother Ronnaug Knudsdattir (Ladengen) (1834->1906)
Marriage 25 Oct 1883, Garmo, Lom, Oppland, Norway
Children: Rønnaug (1886-)
Sigrid (1888-<1900)
Kari (1890-)
Helmer (1893-)
Medical Notes for Jon Jonsen (Mo)
He was vaccinated against smallpox in 1862.
Misc. Notes
He was confirmed at Lom on 11 July 1875 and that record supplied his birthdate. The witnesses at the wedding were Hans P. Ekle and Rolf Enervold.

He was the resident farmer at Brimi nordre on the 1886 tax list: Gnr/Bnr 13/1, Matr. No. 15, Løbe No. 16, tax 6-4-1 old currency, 11.90 new currency.35

Given that his youngest child was born in Minnesota, he might have died there and then his widow and children returned to Lom. I did not find his death recorded at Lom through 1898.
14 (b. 7, pp. 159, 205; KL b. 5, pp. 188-189)
1865 Norwegian Census, Lom, Oppland
Medical Notes for Kari (Spouse 1)
She was vaccinated against smallpox on 24 November 1863.
Misc. Notes
The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Hans Ekle, Ellef Brimi, Hans Enersvold, Ragnild Kestehagen, Else Ladengen, and Anne Skaanser. Kari was confirmed at Lom on 2 October 1876.

She was living on the Brimi nordre farm with her brother and parents at the time of the 1900 Norwegian census.

The name of her second husband was given by her brother Peder's obituary, which also showed that she was still living at that time.
14 (b. 43, p. 252; b. 7, pp. 164, 205; KL b. 5, pp. 188-189)
1865 Norwegan census, Lom, Oppland, p. __
1875 Norwegan census, Lom, Oppland, t. 1, no. 58 [LDS FHL microfilm ______]
1875 Norwegan census, Lom, Oppland, k. 1, no. 58, G.N. 13 [LDS FHL microfilm ________]
1900 Norwegian census, Lom, Oppland, k. 1, no. 28, G.N. 13,1 [LDS FHL microfilm ______; also Dovre Data Arkiv transcription]
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