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Name Edward Jacobson
Birth 1866, ? Chatfield, Fillmore, Minnesota
Father Hans Jacobson (1822-)
Mother Ellen ??? (1829-)
1 Ronnaug Solfestsdatter (Ladengen)
Birth 8 Feb 1869, Lyngved i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Christen 28 Mar 1869, Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Death 1927
Father Solfest Erlandsen (Frisvold) (1835-1915)
Mother Kari Knudsdattir (Ladengen) (1845-1922)
Children: Kari (1896-1986)
2 Sadie C. ???
Children: Selmer E. (1897-)
Orin J. (1899-)
Notes for Edward Jacobson
The name as given in the Garmo church records was Edvard Jakobson.

The ancestry put in here is very speculative at the moment, based upon the 1870 Minnesota census.

I wonder if he is the brother of Daniel Jacobsen, b. 1872, Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was living at Lyngvedsodegaard nordre in Garmo, with his wife Gunhild, b. 1868, Minneapolis, at the time of the 1900 Norwegian census.

There is a possible Eduard Jakobsen leaving Oslo in May-June 1896 (p. 359), but the surname is badly scrawled in the index. Check the emigration protokoll. He is the only prospect in the Jan 1895 (too early) to May 1897 emigration protokoll index.
The entry in the Emigration Protokoll36 (b. 18, p. 359) shows him as "Eduard Jaasen, farmer, age 42, homestead America, agent Raffel, destination Madelia, Minn., ship S.S. Angelo, sailing 26 June 1896, Kr. 228.00, nationality American." The surname is slightly off, but the age is pretty close, as is the destination!

They had to be together in March 1895 or Kari would not have been conceived!
Notes for Ronnaug (Spouse 1)
Her parents were at the Lyngved farm when she was born. The godparents and witnesses at her christening were John and Anne Frisvold, Paul E. Frisvold, Paul Ladengen, Ronnoug Arnesen, and Kari Ronden. She was confirmed on 3 September 1883.

She ran the Laingen farm. She shares a headstone with her parents and husband17.

Possible Edward Jacobsons seen in the 1900 Minnesota soundex (also check Illinois) are Ed. O. Jacobson, born Mar. 1865, Minnesota, living in Chatfield Twp., Fillmore Co., Minnesota (ED 22, s. 15), married since at least 1892. Edward Jacobson, born Feb. 1867, Minnesota, living 2450 Hiawatha Ave., Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota, (ED 76, s. 6), married since at least 1897. There did not appear to be any suitable candidates in the Illinois soundex.

I did not see her leaving Oslo in the emigration protocols running backwards from 1897 to 1892. Also check under Sylfestsdatter and further check for Eduard Jakobsen in the 1895-1896 period.
14 (b. 7, p. 33; Kl.b. 5, pp. 130-131), 17
1875 Norwegian census, Oppland, Lom, b. 107, t. 1, l. 61 [LDS FHL microfilm 273229]
1900 Norwegian census, Oppland, Lom, b. 75, k. 1, t. 1, G.N. 14, 1 [LDS FHL microfilm 273835]
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