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Name Ole Knudson (Laingen)
Birth 11 Apr 1851, Laingen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Christen 29 May 1851, Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Death 1920/1936
Burial ?? Acacia Park Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Emigration May 1868, Lom, Oppland, Norway
Immigration 30 Jun 1868, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Occupation Marble shop (1880)
Religion Methodist (by 1875)
Father Knud Pederson (Lyngved) (1798-1875)
Mother Thora Paulsdatter (Laingen) (1812-1906)
1 Olia Amundsdatter (Stenerud)
Birth 10 Sep 1852, Stenerud u. Stomperud i Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway
Christen 31 Oct 1852, Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway
Death 1888/1900
Emigration 1876, Sør-Ødal, Hedmark, Norway
Immigration 1876, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Father Amund Hansen (Stomperud) (1814-1898)
Mother Marte Gulbrandsdatter (1813-)
Marriage 22 Feb 1877, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Children: Thomas A. (1878-1936)
Clara Maria (1881-1962)
Arthur George (1887-1950)
2 Thora Slowstad
Birth 21 Jul 1863, Slåstad i Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway
Death 17 Mar 1936, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Burial 20 Mar 1936, Memorial Park, Knoxville, Tennessee
Emigration 1874, Sør-Ødal, Hedmark, Norway
Immigration 1874, America
Occupation Dressmaker (1900)
Father Jacob Eriksen (Slåstad) (1823-1873)
Mother Anne Amundsdatter (Rud) (1822-1903)
Marriage 21 Dec 1904, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Medical Notes for Ole Knudson (Laingen)
He was vaccinated against smallpox in 1853.
Misc. Notes
The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Ronnaug and Guri Ekle, John Moe, John and Kari Lyngved. Confirmed on 8 October 1865 in Lom. The farm was called Ladingen in the record, and his parents were named as Knud Pedersen and Thora Pedersdatter [not Paulsdatter].

He was living with his parents on the Ladengen farm at the time of the 1865 Norwegian census. He left Lom, Norway, for America in May 1868 with his brother Anders.

He is undoubtedly the "Ola" Knudsen, age 17, traveling with Anders, age 20, on board the S.S. Nestorian, which arrived in Quebec on 30 June 1868.

Described on the 1875 Norwegian census for the farm as being absent, living in Chicago, Illinois, and now a Methodist. He was living in Chicago in 1906 according to his mother's probate.

The marriage between Ole and Olea was performed by Rev. Andrew Haageman of the 1st Norwegian Methodist Episcopal Church.

They were living at 480 Hudson Street at the time of the birth of Thomas.

He was living at 197 Rucker Street at the 1880 census. The 1880 Lakeside directory of Chicago shows him at this home address (p. 646) and has his marble shop at 186 N. Wells St. (pp. 646, 1394)

The 1881 directory shows him living at 55 W. Pearson and the shop at 231 N. Wells. (p. 686). Their address at the 27 November 1881 birth of Clara was 233 N. Wells.

The 1900 census has him living with his son Thomas at 495 Division Street. Thomas is only described as his partner and Thomas was the head of the household. They are both described as barbers. This is an amusing error. What probably happened is that the enumerator was told that they were "cutters," short for marble cutters. The enumerator misinterpreted that as hair cutters, so entered the occupation as barbers. His two younger children Clara and Arthur were living at his former residence of 2662 N. 42nd Street with their cousin Thora Slowstad. This is the same Thora who became Ole's second wife.

The 1910 census shows that he had remarried in 1903. That census has his age as 52 when it in fact was 59. They were living at 4327 N. 42nd Avenue while the Chicago city directory for that year has the address as 4237 N. 42nd Ave. Ray and Blanche Smith were boarding with them and there was a second family also renting at the same address.

He had retired and was living at 4327 N. Kidvali Ave, Chicago, at the time of the 1920 census. They had two boarders living with them.

The 1892 Chicago Index of Registered Voters has an O. Knudson, 13 Ayres St., (Congressional District 3, ward 17, precinct 3), born Norway, living in the precinct for 15 years, and the city and county for 26 years [a bit long, implying 1866 arrival]. His naturalization data was not recorded.

He was not spotted in the Precision Indexing index for the 1870 Census (Chicago).

Peder Knudson has a letter from Clara Knudson Duncan that Ole visited his mother in 1904.61

Ole was naturalized and there are a couple of candidates in the Chicago area naturalization soundex, but nothing obvious.
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Notes for Olia (Spouse 1)
The farm name in her christening record was Stomperud. The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Tosten, Lars and Gulbrand Hansen Stomperud, Maria E. ibid, and Ingeborg Hansdatter ibid. It seems to be a reasonable speculation that Tosten, Lars, Gulbrand and Ingeborg are all siblings of Amund.

The Sør-Odal bygdebok explains that farm gnr. 61, bnr. 4 of Stomperud is known as Steinerud, hence the Stenerud surname.

She is not seen arriving via Quebec through 20 July 1876 though she left Oslo on 20 April 1876. That makes it more likely that she traveled through New York.

Their marriage certificate gives her name as Lena Stenerud. She was called "Ollie" in the 1880 census and Peder Knudson had her name as Olea Stenrud. He further stated that his grand-aunt Clara said the surname was pronounced Stonerud. Her name was given as Olea Amundsen on the death certificate of her son Thomas, with the information provided by her other son Arthur.

The Sør-Odal bygdebok states that she left with Anne Stomperud, age 25, also bound for Chicago.
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Medical Notes for Thora (Spouse 2)
She died from a cerebral hemmorage suffered on 22 February 1936. Arteriosclerosis was a contributory factor.
Misc. Notes
Note that the marriage license is made out for Cora Slowstad but the minister noted that he married Thora Slowstad. This correction is emphasized by underlining her given name. Her death certificate has the given name of her father wrong.

Chicago Daily News, 18 March 1936, page 33, and (same text) Chicago Tribune, 19 March 1936, page 16:

"KNUDSON - Thora S. Knudson, March 17, 1936: beloved aunt of Lillian and Clement, Mrs. E. Melgaard. Funeral service at chapel, 41 N. Leavitt, Friday, 2:30 p.m. Interment Saturday at Knoxville, Tenn."

I spotted another Thora Slowstad leaving Oslo in Sept. 1893 according to the emigration index (see p. 27) It would probably be worthwhile to track down the full record for this one leaving Norway and arriving in the U.S. as it just might be "our" Thora returning from a visit to Norway.
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