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Name Anders Knudson (Laingen)
Birth 26 Jul 1848, Laingen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Christen 20 Aug 1848, Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Death aft 19 Oct 1906
Emigration May 1868, Lom, Oppland, Norway
Immigration 30 Jun 1868, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Occupation Marble cutter
Religion Methodist
Father Knud Pederson (Lyngved) (1798-1875)
Mother Thora Paulsdatter (Laingen) (1812-1906)
1 Matthea Greuner
Birth Sep 1849, Grånerud i ___, Norway
Death aft 1900
Marriage 28 Dec 1875, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Children: Carl Edward (1876->1937)
Anna (1879-)
child (1879-<1900)
Thomas Alexander (1882-)
Harold Elmore (1887-)
Martha (1892-)
Notes for Anders Knudson (Laingen)
The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Christen and Ronnaug Frisvold, Kari and Anne Ekle, Poul Ladengen, and Anders Lyngved. He was living with his parents on the Ladengen farm at the time of the 1865 Norwegian census. He left Lom for America with his brother Ole in May 1868. He was living in Chicago and was called Andrew at the time of his mother's probate.

He is undoubtedly the Anders Knudsen, age 20, traveling with "Ola," age 17, on board the S.S. Nestorian, which arrived in Quebec on 30 June 1868.

They were living at 179 Bremer Street in Chicago at the time of the 1880 census. The census enumerator spelled the surname as Knutzen.

The family was renting the house at 1139 North 40th Avenue, Chicago, (Jefferson Township) at the time of the 1900 census. He was a marble cutter and had been out of work for four months in the previous year. The census data states that he emigrated to the U.S. in 1876, which is incorrect, and that he was naturalized. There was a second family, that of J. B. Swan, also renting part of the same house.

Death certificate examinations

Andrew Knudsen-Belgum, born 1849 Norway
died 30 June 1913 (#1005) LDS FHL microfilm 1287677. He was married and the information was provided by Miss Ina Belgum. He had been living in Chicago for 22 years and a resident of the US for the same time (emigrated 1891), so not ours.

The 1892 Chicago index of registered voters shows two possibilities: Andrew Knudsen, 29 Fay St., (Congressional district 3, ward 17, precinct 10), born Norway, living in precinct 21 years, city and county 24 years. Naturalized 17 October 1876, Circuit Court of Cook Co. [Check the naturalization records!!] He voted in the 1892 election.
The second possibility was And. Knudson, Tripp Ave., (Congressional district 3, ward 27, precinct 10), born Norway, living in precinct 4 years, city and county 24 years. The date and court of naturalization were not known. He voted in the election. Both of these are consistent with Anders Knudsen (Laingen) leaving Norway in 1868 and settling in Chicago. If he spent time elsewhere, such as Minnesota, and then moved back to Chicago, there are many more possibilities. Tracking through the various city directories is probably the course to take.

He was not seen in the Precision Indexing list for Chicago in 1870 (at least as a head of a household).

The marriage of Andrew and Matthea was performed by Rev. Carl F. Eltzholtz. He was minister of the 1st Norwegian Methodist Episcopal Church in Chicago.

Examination of the naturalization soundex for the Chicago area reveals several possible entries for "our" Andrew Knudson, but no obviously correct ones.

slight chance that he is the Andrew Knuteson, age 74 at the 1920 census (LaSalle Co., IL, ED 154, s. 3, l. 84), b. Norway, wife Cordelia, age 66, b. IL, Albert Williamson, B-L, age 49, b. IL, Theodore H. Williamson B-L, age 47, b. IL, Eva C. Jackson, dau., age 43, b. IL.
14 (b. 43, p. 107; b. 7, p. 326), 17, 27
1865 Norwegian Census, Lom, Oppland, b. 95, p. 28 [LDS FHL microfilm 123098]
Cook County, IL, marriage licenses, No. 24592 [LDS FHL microfilm 1030094]
1880 U.S. census, Illinois, Cook Co., r. 198, E. D. 177, p. 50B
1900 U.S. census, Illinois, Cook Co., r. 278, E.D. 831, p. 247B

[see 1910 U.S. census, Illinois, Cook Co., v. 67, E.D. 818, p. 1 with Oscar Brewster r. 262 -- not found, this is the Volunteers of America Hotel - a lodging hotel. It seems unlikely to be our Andrew]
Notes for Matthea (Spouse 1)
The 1900 U.S. census states that she had given birth to six children, of whom five were still living. All of the children were living at home at that time. This means that the later appearance of an Alexander T. Knudson living with the family at the family's address, and the non-appearance of a Thomas Knudson living at that address, represents an effective name change for Thomas.
Cook County, IL, marriage licenses, No. 24592 [LDS FHL microfilm 1030094]
1880 U.S. census, Illinois, Cook Co., r. 198, E. D. 177, p. 50B
1900 U.S. census, Illinois, Cook Co., r. 278, E.D. 831, p. 247B
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